“Nutrition can make a good athlete great or a great athlete good. Nutrition is the fuel for performance. An athlete’s physical training is crucial, but that training cannot be optimal if the fuel isn’t optimal.”

– Allen Tran, Chef, Sochi Olympic Games

Optimize your equine athlete’s performance and training with Bonina nutritional products.  Formulated especially for performing horses and targeting muscle building, conditioning, hydration, aches, pains and early development.  We have the nutrition products to turn your good athlete into a great one!

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“After the season was over last fall, I stopped using the Oxy-Equine to save it for when Tex was in harder training. I never completely quit on him; I always ride and keep my horses at least legged up. But over the winter, he did lose a fair amount of condition, and I was really working him hard, and I couldn’t get past him being short of breath, getting really winded just from his warm up. It was worse at the other barn, because the footing is deeper than mine, but I was even experiencing it when he was at home. I doubled his work load, and he improved slightly, but when I left him at the barn when we went on a trip, he wasn’t able to be worked much because he was so soft. I was REALLY working him hard-jogging for 40 minutes, loping for 10-20, etc. Well, then I remembered my Oxy-Equine stash, and I put him back on it. Within a week (really, it was less), he was completely over the heavy breathing and winded out-of-air horse that I had been experiencing. And with that fitness, he became a much more animated horse and his work got really good.”

– KM, former professional jockey, winner of over 1000 races (including stakes races) who rode both Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds to over $11 million in earnings

“Oxy-Equine helps breathing during a polo match.  The recovery time’s quicker!”

Cameron Diggins, polo player, Canada

“Coats are growing in sooner, hair’s starting to darken earlier.”

Brandy Edge, polo team groom

“My 14 year old mare had a flexor tendon injury when she was younger and was very gimpy.  After feeding her O’ Sweet Gold, I can actually ride her now!  She is doing good.  It is helping her immensely, it’s so exciting!”

Diana Smalling, Western Pleasure rider, Sequim, Washington

“My show horses need to look really fit – as fit as a cutting horse.  I don’t need stamina, but I need them to have a good hair coat and to look really good.  I feed only grass hay, rice bran and Oxy-Equine.  My horses look like a  million bucks!  Their hair coats are gorgeous!  They are really strong and “buff!”

Jan Wilson, Tonasket, Washington, 2-Time Reserve World AQHA Amateur Western Riding Champion

“In my run for the World on Flickacat, by mid-summer, my horses were looking a bit ragged.  I started them on Oxy-Equine and within days, I could see a difference.  Today, my horses show no body soreness or stress and I’ve not had a tying up problem.  You can really see a difference in all those big muscles on the rump, especially the younger ones.  On older horses, it takes away chronic soreness.  I highly recommend Oxy-Equine to anyone!  It’s outstanding!”

Chubby Turner, Weatherford, Texas, 2-Time National Cutting Horse Association Open World Champion

“3 months ago, my little mare could not take a step without pain.  She had been diagnosed with Navicular Syndrome in October, 2013.  She steadily got worse through the winter months.  Through good fortune, I was put in touch with a great farrier who has worked on corrective shoeing and supplements from Bonina Nutrition.  Today was my first ride in 6 months.   It was just a short ride around my pasture, but something I thought would not happen again.  She is not 100%, but is a long way from where we started when I thought I was going to have to put her down.  A great big thank you to CJ, Casey, Bonina’s Freedom and O Sweet Gold ~ they all helped in saving my little mare.”

Sandy Knighton, Kennewick, Washington

“Oxy-Equine is the cadillac of supplements.  There’s nothing left out!”

Denton Moffat, DVM, Armstrong, B.C. Canada

“Twister” , my 11 year old cutting horse has suffered from arthritis in his hocks for many years.  Very few joint supplements or injections have helped him.  After starting on O’Sweet Gold, he is moving better than I have ever seen him move!  His stops have become consistent.  Long hauls, road trips and stalling at shows no longer bother him.  He is able to show without the use of additional pain medication.  Plus, his attitude is much happier!”

Casey Dennis, Monroe, Washington

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