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Happy Independence Day, friends!  We are ringing in this 4th of July with a product testimonial for FREEDOM – our mares & foals supplement. Besides being a quality supplement, this product is also easy to feed and can be shipped anywhere from our online store, just like this customer does from Tennessee. Win-win-win!

“Wanted to share how happy I am with your product Freedom. We free-choice this mixed with salt. The local hay is fair at best. Tennessee is not known for grass production by any means. Pasture is ok, but nothing outstanding. I have fed some other top-named supplements, but haven’t found any as easy to feed and efficient as your product. Thanks for producing your Freedom product.”
– Kevin G., Tennessee

Kim Burke wins $15,000 Amateur Co-Op Saddle

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In a cooperative agreement with Cascade Cow Cutters, Washington Cutting Horse Association and Bonina, a saddle was given to the rider in the $15,000 Amateur who had the 6 highest points from the 22 shows offered by the 3 producers .  The Champion was Kim Burke, shown with her horse, Rip Rap Cat and her trainer, Jason Schaper.  Also pictured, Holly Jones representing Cascade Cow Cutters and Bob & I representing Bonina.

Making a Commitment to Quality Cutting Events in Washington

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After hosting last weekend’s NCHA/WCHA Cutting Show, it is with great pleasure to share with you this feedback from the Washington NCHA Director. We hope to continue to see you at the Bonina Event Center for more quality cutting shows!


I would like to personally THANK Nina and Bob Lundgren for the first class show this last weekend!

As being a show producer and not an affiliate, they have made every effort to make cutting in Washington a successful event for all whenever their facility is used.  Last weekend, without exception, was the same.   After commitment to producing a show, which was co-approved by Washington Cutting Horse Association, many hours, hard work and money went into making  a show flow smoothly.

Being true leaders, Bonina stepped up to the plate with honesty, integrity, and commitment to provide all attending a first-class show. Going beyond what was expected and providing anything anyone needed – even at their own expense.

Heading into NCHA Days with Madras, Oregon being our Area 1 show, I believe we should all try to follow the example which Bonina has displayed, even in the face of diversity. Thank you again Bob and Nina for showing all of us true leadership! 

Hope to see you all in Madras and Ft. Worth. Until then, keep cutting!

De Leigh, NCHA Washington Director

BNL Brunetta & Billings – Another Great Match!

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Remember our trip to the sale in Billings last winter? We just received this great testimonial about BNL Brunetta – it’s hard to tell who likes her more, mother or daughter! 

Hi Nina,

I purchased BNL Brunetta in Billings and you seemed like the kind of person who really cares about your horses so I thought I would let you know how she is doing. She has settled in and is doing great as our ranch horse. My three year old daughter loves “Netta” and I think Brunetta enjoys the snuggles, too! She is exactly what I was looking for – I love her! Thank you for offering such a wonderful mare. I will never be parting with her. We just spent the last four days branding and sorting calves and she was awesome! Thanks again and keep up the great work. 🙂




Playing Matchmaker

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We recently received a nice thank you card from a client who is not only enjoying her BNL raised and trained horse, but enjoying the compliments from others! We appreciate your compliments as well, SK!

Had another great weekend riding Sweetie (BNL Sweet Royalty). Everyone is so impressed with how quiet she is.  I continue to share how you matched us up and share how important early and positive training as well as breeding is.

Enjoying the sunshine, thank you again!

Race Horses on Oxy-Equine

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Received this note from our reproductive veterinary specialist, Dr. Don Peter, “I have an order for another bag of Oxy-Equine… The client is using it on their running horses.  Say they have never had their horses in such good condition and they seem to recover from training sessions quicker….Their vet said the blood he drew for plasma had a higher red cell count than any he has seen before!”

Billings Horse Sale

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Great trip to the Billings Horse Sale.  Bob, Nikki and Nina took 4 nice horses.  We were proud of our consignments – many compliments on how they were conditioned and trained.  Each horse landed in perfect hands.  Our darling “Macho Man” went to a trainer in Iowa who will do reining and reined cow horse with him.  The always calm, “Checkers” stayed in Montana with a proud rancher who wants to cut and let his 8 year old granddaughter take a ride.  “Cat Burgler” will be in the hands of a trainer in Texas who trained the 2014  World Champion Team sorting horses.  And, “Brunetta” has a new home in Canada with a young lady who does a lot of outside riding.