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Exclusive Colt Training Showcase Event in March

Superior Nutrition Products

“Nutrition can make a good athlete great or a great athlete good. Nutrition is the fuel for performance. An athlete’s physical training is crucial, but that training cannot be optimal if the fuel isn’t optimal.” – Allen Tran, Chef, Sochi Olympic Games

Optimize your equine athlete’s performance and training with Bonina nutritional products.  Products are formulated to address your special horse – the performance athlete, the broodmare and the rapidly growing colt, the horses with sore hocks and old injuries and all horses who need salt and electrolytes!

We have the nutrition products to turn your good athlete into a great one!

Exceptional Training & Cutting Horse Program

There is no more diverse cutting horse operation in the Northwest.  Here,  you can have it all: world class facilities with an abundance of fresh cattle,a  top notch professional trainer, diverse and challenging events and clinics, an outstanding, proven breeding program… Whether you are wanting to show, buy,  be trained or have your horse trained, Bonina is the place to be.

World Class Facilities & Events

Bonina Event Center is the hub of all things cow+horse. Drive in and hook up for a clinic or a week of lessons? Check. Need to host your club’s next cutting show or Trail clinic? Check.  Are you looking for bulls and a great BBQ? Check. Whether you are attending an event or putting one on, Bonina Event Center has everything you need for a great experience whether you are the clinician, participant, spectator, buyer, seller…or the casual visitor. Contact us today about your next event or check out our calendar for the fun we always have in store here!