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How to Buy a Horse at the Sale

How to Buy a Horse at the Bonina Private Treaty Horse Sale!

Please note emphasized advice at the bottom of this page!

1. Sign in! Although Washington is a “Ride At Your Own Risk” state, we insist that everyone sign a liability release when you arrive. A Bonina button will be issued.

2. Wear the Bonina button where it is visible to staff.

3. Watch for hip branded horses in the show and in the Sale horse previews on Saturday, Oct. 21st. Consignors will be listed.

4. To inspect a horse, you are welcome to walk about the ranch headquarters, find the horse you’re interested in and talk to the consignor or trainer in charge.

5. With consignor’s permission, you may ride the horse. This may be your next cutting horse or you may be a fan of cutting horse breeding and training that makes it easy for cutting horses in other sports.

a. If you have never shown a cutting horse, enter the “Climb Aboard A Cutter” contest – it’s FREE!

b. Work the horse in the round pen or on the flag.

c. Ride on the obstacle course – bridge, tires, logs, trench

A veterinarian will be on-site to examine horses at your request. To leave the state of Washington, the horse must have a Coggins, Health certificate and brand inspection.

So, you like the horse, but it is priced higher than you can afford. Don’t give up! MAKE AN OFFER! Possibly a middle ground can be reached!

If you need thinking time, exchange your name and phone number with the consignor. Stay in touch!

If for any reason you feel the horse is unsafe or you are afraid, please dismount immediately! Lead horse back to the consignor!

LOT 11 – POPPYCAT “KATE” – 2014 Bay Mare

October 1, 2017